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1982 Memories – A Journey Back to 1982

1982 Facts and info. UK music, TV and films.

By John Surgenor
Irvine Beat FM Presenter


Let me lead you through a brief journey into the golden year of 1982. The journey will take us through the music, the entertainment, the happenings, the memories and some trivia of the year.

I’ll start by introducing myself. I’m John Surgenor and I do a golden hour show on Irvinebeatfm 107.2 and the website every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 11.00 and 12.00hrs. I was asked if I could contribute something to our webpage and I decided I’d do a little escape into our pasts like I do on my show. I usually keep between 1960 and 1989 so this time it’s 1982.

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What do you remember if anything about 1982?

To me 1982 means the completion of my family with son number two Mark joining me, his mum and big brother Fraser for a journey which still has a few year to go hopefully. How time flies, I’m sitting here to start this and I’ve just changed the clocks to temporarily give away an hour which I’ll get back in deepest darkest winter. Tomorrow will see April meaning one quarter of 2019 has already gone and yet it only seems to have started. Is that just the way us oldies look at it? Or am I just a crabbit old git? Don’t answer that, we’ll move on.

Music – UK No.1s of 1982

The Christmas number one of 1981 the Human League’s “Don’t you want me” would remain there until the 16th January 1982.

Bucks Fizz would be first number one this year with their second number one “Land of make believe”. When I do my golden hour on Irvinebeatfm I have a one second rule which means you’re correct if you guess the year before or after, I do this as the like of this track was released in 1981 but a 1982 number one likewise at the end of the year where a track is still high in the chart and it’s that year you remember it. I like all my listeners to be winners. Bucks Fizz would last two weeks at number one until 29th January.

The next table topper from the 30th January would be Shakin’ Stevens with his third number one and the first written by him. “Oh Julie” would only spend one week at the top until the 5th of February.

One of the pioneers of electronic music was the German band Kraftwerk who would spend their only week in the UK T10 at number one with their double “A” sided “Computer love” and “The Model”. Although this was a 1982 number one it had been released in July 1981 so was without exaggeration a slow burner. Kraftwerk would stay top until 12th February.

No doubt about the next number one being from 1982 as it went straight to the top on release and that would be The Jam’s third number one which was also a double “A” side. “A town called Malice” and “Precious”. The boys would hold onto the top spot for three weeks up until the 5th March.

Tight Fit - The Lion Sleeps Tonight 1982

UK band Tight Fit would have their only number one with their cover of “The lion sleeps tonight” which would stay at the top for three weeks until 26th March. Glasgow born Karl Denver (Angus McKenzie) had the track in the top ten back in 1962 under the title of “Wimoweh”.

The Goombay Dance Band would be next to visit number one. This male female band would again mean a German act hit number one with a couple of the members born there. “Seven tears” would be the third act in a row to spend three weeks at the top, staying there until the 16th April.

Bucks Fizz would have their second number one of 1982 when “The camera never lies” had a one week stay. This would be the third and final number one for the band put together for the Eurovision song contest. Their stint at the top stopped after the 23rd April.

Ebony and Ivory - Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney 1982

Two of the big hitters of all time in pop music Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder would team up to spent three weeks at the top with “Ebony and Ivory” They would be at the top until 14th May.

The third German act to get to number one this year was Nicole, with her track “A little peace”. Nicole Hohloch would stay there for two weeks until the 28th May.

Suggs and the lads would be next to get to number one with their only chart topper “House of fun”. Madness would spend over 250 weeks in the charts over the 20th century but only managed one number one out of 27 top ten hits. A band worthy of more than the one I think. They would spend two weeks up there until the 11th June.

Adam Ant (Stuart Goddard) had two number ones as a member of Adam and the Ants and his solo debut single “Goody two shoes” would give him his third and final number one. He would be at the top for two weeks up until 26th June.

The first wholly American number one of this year “I’ve never been to me” sung by Charlene (Charlene Oliver) would top the chart for one week until 2nd July. Like the previous American number one incumbent this year Stevie Wonder, Charlene would represent Tamla Motown.

Ex punk bass player for the Damned, Captain Sensible (Raymond Burns) would spend two weeks topping the chart with the Rodgers and Hammerstein song “Happy talk” from the musical “South Pacific”. There he would remain until 16th July.

Irene Cara - Fame 1982. Single cover

Although the film was out in 1980 New York born Irene Cara would only get to number one over here with “Fame” in July of this year once the TV show was aired. Irene would stay at the top for three weeks until 6th August.

Birmingham’s Dexys Midnight Runners second number one “Come on Eileen” would also give them a US number one. This would be their last number one and would stay at the top for four weeks up until the 3rd September.

American rock band Survivor would reach number one with their song “Eye of the tiger” which was used as the theme music for the Sylvester Stallone film “Rocky 3” and became a massive hit everywhere. It would spend four weeks at the top over here until the 1st October.

Survivor was sandwiched between two Birmingham bands when Musical Youth took over the top spot when their debut single “Pass the dutchie” would give them their only number one single. The track would make the top ten in America. It would stay UK number one for three weeks until 22nd October.

Another debut number one would take over from Musical Youth in the form of Culture Club. The band led by the flamboyant front man Boy George would spend three weeks at the top with “Do you really want to hurt me” which was penned by the band.

Their three week stint would make them number one until the 3rd of December.

The Jam - Beat Surrender 1982

Jam’s second number one of the year “Beat surrender” would spend the next two weeks at number one and would just miss out on the Christmas number one. This would also turn out to be their fourth and final number one and last UK top twenty hit. The Christmas number one would take over from the lads on 18th December.

The Christmas number was from the UK/Italian duo of Renee and Ronata with their only top thirty hit “Save your love” which would take well into January as the UK number one. They had been discovered during auditions for the television talent show New Faces.

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Quiz Time – The 59 Second Flashback

Here are 5 x Top 10 UK hits from 1982. How many of the artists can you identify? 1 minute – 5 songs – name the artist. The answers are down at the foot of this page. Good luck with the 1982 music quiz. It’s not easy!

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UK Album Chart of 1982

Abba’s “The Visitors” would be the number one album as 1981 turned into 1982.

Human League – Dare 3wks

The Human League - Dare - 1982

This would be the only time the Human League would top the UK album chart. There were three top ten singles within the album. “Love action” would reach number three on the singles chart while “Open your Heart” would get to number six. The other track to reach the top ten would be “Don’t you want me” which was their only UK number one single, which would also reach the top of the American charts where they would get a second number one in “Human” during 1986.

Barbra Streisand – Love songs 7wks

Love Songs would be Barbra’s fourth UK number one album but it would take her until 2002 to top the chart again.

Jam – The gift 1wk

This would be the Jam’s only number one album although they would have four albums that got to number two. Their previous album “Sound effects” had been the only studio album of the band’s to reach number two. “A town called Malice” was the standout track on the album with “Precious”, “Carnation” and also “Just who is the five o’clock hero” strong tracks.

Barbra Streisand – Love songs 2wks

Another two weeks at the top for Barbra.

Iron Maiden – The number of the beast 2wks

The band was formed in 1975 and this was their first number one album. It was also the first album to feature Bruce Dickinson. The title track would be the bands first top twenty single while “Run to the hills” would be their first top ten track

Status Quo – 1982 1wk

1+9+8+2 would be Status Quo’s fourth studio album to reach number one in the album chart. This album was made on the 20th anniversary of the band being formed as the Scorpions. It had a couple of singles in “She don’t fool me” and “Dear John”.

Barry Manilow – Barry live 1wk

This would be Barry Manilows only UK and US number one album until a 50’s cover album in 2006. It was the highlights of his 12 day stay at the Uris theatre in New York City.

Paul McCartney – Tug of war 2wks

This was Paul’s third solo studio album. It was his first album after the dissolution of Wings and the murder of his former Beatle writing partner John Lennon. The album contains two duets with Stevie Wonder “Ebony and Ivory” as well as “What’s that you’re doing” along with two single releases in “Tug of war” and “Take it away”. Stevie Wonder would never have a number one album in the UK charts although he would have three reach number two.

Madness – Complete Madness 2wks

Madness had a major part in starting the Ska/2 Tone stage in the early eighties. Their first two albums went platinum and reached number two but Complete Madness gave them their first number one album. It was their first greatest hits album.

Roxy Music - Avalon 1982

Roxy Music – Avalon 1wk

Avalon would be Roxy Music’s third number one album with their eighth and final studio album. Two major hits from the album were “Avalon” which was their last top twenty single and “More than this” which was their last top ten hit.

Madness – Complete Madness 1wk

Suggs and the Nutty boys would take the top spot off Roxy Music for one more week at the top.

Roxy Music – Avalon 2wks

The Newcastle formed band would wrestle control of the chart back from Madness to once again take their eighth top ten album back to the top.

ABC – The lexicon of love 4wks

Sheffield band ABC would enter the album chart at number one with their debut album “Lexicon of love”. This album got rave reviews for Martin Fry and the lads who wrote most of the tracks themselves. It is always high up in any merit leagues of hit albums of the eighties. Their first single to chart was “Tears are not enough” from the album. This track got them into the top twenty while their only three top ten singles “Poison arrow”, “Look of love” and “All my heart” were also off this album.

Fame – Original soundtrack 2wks

It may be the album from the film but it only got to the top off the back of the Television series which ran from 1982 to 1987 and was very successful over here.

The Kids from Fame – The kids from fame 8wks

The original soundtrack album would be knocked off the top of the charts by the album from the Fame TV series. There were two tracks from the album which made top ten “Hi fidelity” featuring Valerie Landsbergh reached number five while “Starmaker” got to number three.

Dire Straits – Love over gold 4wks

Love over gold would be the first of three consecutive number one albums for the band formed in London by the Knopfler brothers Mark and David from Glasgow. The two major hits on the album were “Private investigations” which reached number two on the UK chart and “Industrial disease” which reached the top ten in America. Their first three albums had reached top ten over here and top twenty in America with “Love over gold” also top ten in America.

The Kids from Fame 4wks

The kids from fame would come back to bring them up to 12 weeks at number at the top of our charts.

ABBA – The first ten years 1wk

The singles from the first ten years of this band from Sweden are a record of their major influence over the period. By far the most influential group in their time since they gave us “Waterloo” but it wasn’t always like that for them. Prior to “Waterloo” they had eight releases from 1970 with only “Ring ring” entering our top forty. Even after “Waterloo” their next four releases, “Honey, honey” “Hasta manana” “So long” and I’ve been waiting for you” didn’t manage the top 75. “I do I do I do” saw them enter the top forty before “SOS” gave them their second top ten hit. Another flop in “Boom-a-boomerang, before the renaissance started with “Mamma Mia”.

John Lennon – The Collection 6wks

John Lennon was the last number one album of 1982 and would be there on the second anniversary of his murder. All his hits were there including “Give peace a chance” which had started as a Lennon/McCartney composition but was revised in 1990 to cite only Lennon as the composer.

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New Kids On The Block


Wham, early picture from 1982.

The teenage heartthrob duo of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley entered the singles chart for the first time this year with their feel-good pure pop sound of “Young Guns” which got to number three. It would be 1984 before their first of four number ones. They were the only British group to have three number one singles in both the UK and the USA in the eighties. A feat George later equalled as a solo artist. Their biggest selling single ever was “Last Christmas” which failed to make number one as it was stuck behind the charity single “Don’t they know it’s Christmas”. All profits from Last Christmas went to the appeal. The lads would spend 137 weeks on the chart during the eighties. Wham would split up in 1986 but had reunions in both 1988 and 1991.


Britain’s most charted female group in the 20th century made their chart debut this year with a little help from Fun Boy 3 who themselves had been in The Specials.

The band made up of Sarah Dallin, Karen Woodward and Siobhan Fahey reached number four with “It aint what you do it’s the way that you do it” which had been a jazz standard since the forties. The girls would never have a number one in the UK but their version of “Venus” reached the top of the US singles chart. They would have ten top 10 singles three of which included the Fun Boy 3.

Siobhan who married Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) in 1987 left the group in 1988 and formed Shakespears Sister. She was replaced by Jacqui O’Sullivan.

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Entertainment in 1982

1982 on UK TV


We would make our first ever visit to Brookside Close in Liverpool at the end of this year and the show would last until 2003.

There were two main families in “Brookside”, the Grants, Sheila played by Sue Johnson and Bobby played by Ricky Tomlinson who were doing alright thank you very much, upwardly mobile from a council estate. The other main family were the Collins’, Annabelle played by Doreen Sloane and Paul played by Jim Wiggins who were downsizing to the close. The show was slow to climb up the ratings but by the late eighties it was rivalling Corrie and Eastenders.

Countdown is still on the TV but started away back in 1982 and was the first programme to be aired on Channel 4. Richard Whitely would be the presenter up until 2005 when he left through ill health and died later on that year. Carol Vorderman was his co-presenter all that time and stayed with the show until 2008. These roles are now under the guidance of Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley.

Mike Reid on Saturday Superstore 1982

After Noel Edmunds left the Multi coloured swap shop the show was canned and along came Saturday Superstore presented by Radio I disc jockey Mike Read. There was 5 series made and it ran until 1987 with appearances from the likes of Keith Chegwin, Sarah Greene, John Craven and Maggie Philbin stalwarts of children’s TV at the time.

“Gizza job” was the plea from Yosser in “Boys from the Blackstuff”, a series set in Liverpool written by Liverpudlian Alan Bleasdale. It was a social comment on the economics of the time and the blackstuff referred to tarmac. It was set around five working class lads, Yosser, Chrissie, Loggo, George and Dixie trying to earn a living. It had started out being written for Play for Today.

The Tube - 1982. Jools Holland and Paula Yates

New music show “The Tube” was shown for the first time launching the TV careers of Jools Holland and Paula Yates as much as the many artiste’s that the show introduced. Our very own Proclaimers can thank the show for the help they received in launching their very successful career. The Jam played their last television appearance before their split while it’s thought Bob Geldorf and Midge Ure hatched the idea for Live Aid while working on the show. The “Tube” ran for five series until 1987.

Captain James T Kirk would turn up this year as TJ Hooker playing veteran police sergeant Thomas Jefferson Hooker. The show would run for five series until 1987. We would be introduced to Heather Locklear who would go on to be Sammy Jo Carrington in Dynasty.

Set in occupied France during WW2 “Allo allo” would run until 1992. It was created by David Croft who also gave us “Dads army” and “Hi-de-hi” among others. The stories were set in Rene’s (Gordon Kaye) café helped by Edith Artois (Carmen Silvera”, Yvette (Vicki Michelle), Michelle Dubois (Kirsten Cooke) and Carry On favourite Kenneth Connor (Monsieur Alphonse).

Anarchy came to our screens via Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson, Ben Elton, Nigel Planer, Christopher Ryan and Alexei Sayle in their guise as the “Young Ones” on BBC2. It would run for two series until 1984. The lads were punks, peaceniks, anarchists and mobsters with an eastern European landlord to complete the band of misfits. It was more like a show you would find on Channel 4.

American sit-com “Cheers” came to our screens and lasted a massive eleven series. It was based in Ted Danson’s bar. He had been a pitcher for a big baseball team before retiring and buying a bar. Shelley Long played the attractive cocktail waitress and Fraser Crane would go onto his own series. Other mainstays were, Carla, Coach, George and John. The series won many awards between 1982 and 1993.

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1982 Films

ET - 1982. Elliot and ET on bike.

ET The extra terrestrial was a film produced and directed by Steven Spielberg about a young lad, Elliot, and his friend’s attempts to hide their alien friend and get him back home. It was a wonderfully inventive film but came up against Ghandi for the Academy awards but despite this still won four awards.

There were a lot of sequels this year so I’ll deal with them next. I’m a Rocky fan so it’s Rocky 3 first.

The first surprise about this film was that the theme tune “Eye of the tiger” didn’t win the Academy award. That went to “Up where we belong” sung by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes for the film “An officer and a gentleman”. The film starts with a charity match between Rocky and Hulk Hogan after which Rocky was going to retire after ten straight defences but he is interrupted by the number one challenger Clubber Lang (Mr T) who taunts him and Rocky takes the challenge. He loses the match but wins the re-match making all well in the world again.

The next sequel is “Airport II” which is not really a sequel as all is so different with no Leslie Neilson or Robert Stack but Lloyd Bridges is still present and the excellent William Shatner. It’s still very funny but just not the 1980 Airplane!

The final sequel I’ll mention is Star Trek 2 which was titled “The wrath of Khan” a tyrant played by Ricardo Montalban. Khan escapes from his exile and is set on seeking revenge on Captain Kirk and the crew of the “Enterprise”. He had been a baddie away back during the TV series in 1967 so had done quite a lot of time. The film had good reviews and made good at the box office breaking the record for first day box office gross takings. Another two sequels would follow. William Shatner would be Captain Kirk for them all. One of my all time favourite shows as an adult is William in Boston Legal with James Spader.

Ghandi was the big film of 1982 with it being nominated for eleven Academy awards winning eight of them. With the best film, best actor, best screenplay, art direction, cinematography, costume design and film editing. The story of Mohandas Ghandi’s non violent fight against UK rule was overwhelmingly agreed to be a classic of the time. Ben Kingsley was immense in the title role and director Richard Attenborough had his finest day. In any other year E.T would’ve been hard to beat in the best film category.

American comedy film “Tootsie” was nominated for ten Academy awards but winning only one when Jessica Lange took the best supporting actress gong. It’s a story about an actor (Dustin Hoffmen) with a reputation for being hard to work with and therefore finding work hard to get so he adopts a new identity as a woman to find work. The film was a major hit at the box office.

Blade Runner wasn’t a big box office success in America but has become a cult film since and has been acknowledged as a major influence in science fiction films and video games. The film is set in the future which just happens to be 2019. It was directed by Ridley Scott and starred Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer. Some “Replicants” (Robots based on humans) who are used in other world projects escape to Earth and get hunted down by Harrison Ford. Only one winner there.

An Officer and a gentleman - 1982

An Officer and a Gentleman was a major box office success this year bettered only by E.T and Tootsie. The film stars Richard Gere as a trainee officer and his love interest Debra Winger. Louis Gossett Jnr won the Academy Award for best supporting actor to make him the first African American to do so.

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1982 in Sport

Spain World Cup 1982 Logo

The 1982 World Cup was held in Spain and was won by Italy who defeated West Germany 3-1 in the final. Earlier on in the group section West Germany had been beaten 2-1 by Algeria in the opening game and had gone into the last game against Austria knowing that a 1-0 win for the Germans would see both teams qualify at the expense of Algeria. West Germany went on to score early and then the game became a farce with the end result suiting both the German and the Austrians. It was later dubbed the disgrace of Dijon.

England won their three group games beating France 3-1, Czechoslovakia 2-0 and Kuwait 1-0. They qualified for the second group round and drew 0-0 with Spain and West Germany with West Germany qualifying. England were knocked out while staying unbeaten and only losing one goal.

Northern Ireland qualified top of their group drawing 0-0 with Yugoslavia then 1-1 with Honduras before beating Spain 1-0.

In the next group section they drew 2-2 with Austria and got beat 4-1 by France. France qualified from this group unbeaten.

In Scotland’s first group game they beat New Zealand 5-2 then played Brazil and got beat 4-1 finally drawing 2-2 with Russia and missing qualification on goal difference.

In F1. Gilles Vileneuve died in a crash with Jochen Mass during qualifying for the Belgium Grand Prix at Zolder.

The European Cup Final was held in Rotterdam where the English league champions Aston Villa beat the German league champions Bayern Munich 1-0. The previous five cup finals had all been won by English clubs with Liverpool winning on three occasions and Nottingham Forest on the other two.

The Aintree Grand National was won by the favourite Grittar which would be the first grey to win the race. Grittars amateur jockey Dick Saunders is the oldest man to have ridden the winner at 48 years old and also on the day Geraldine Rees became the first woman jockey to finish the race. She was eight on “Cheers”.

Jimmy Connors beat John McEnroe in the Wimbledon mens singles while Martine Natravitilova beat Chris Evert Lloyd in the ladies final.

The Open - Troon 1982. Tom Watson winner.

The Open golf championship was held at Troon in 1982 with Tom Watson winning his fourth Open this time he was one stroke better off than South African Nick Price and England’s Peter Oosterhuis.

The European Athletics championships were held in Athens this year with Steve Cram winning the only men’s Track gold with victory in the 1500m. Scot Cameron Sharp won silver in the 200m as did Seb Coe in the 800m and our 4x400m team of David Jenkins, Gary Cook, Todd Bennett and Phil Brown. On the field the men won two gold medals with Keith Connor winning the triple jump in a championship record and Daley Thompson also taking gold with a championship best in the Decathlon.

In the womens track events Kathy Smallwood would win Silver in the 200m and also Silver in the 4×100 team with Wendy Hoyte, Bev Callander and Shirley Thomas.

The 1982 Commonwealth Games were held in Brisbane, Australia where England won 38 gold only one behind Australia, Scotland won 8, and Wales 4. Northern Ireland won 3 Silver and 3 Bronze.

The second London Marathon was won by Hugh Jones to give the UK its first male winner in a course record time of 2:09:24. The woman’s race was won by Joyce Smith for the second year when she broke her own course record with a time of 2:29:43.

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What else happened this year? (News Events of 1982)

This was the year we were introduced to the Sinclair Spectrum and Commodore 64 home computers. The start of life as we now know it! I remember I won a Spectrum that year in our works Christmas draw, I sold it on straight away, that’s me, a visionary.

The much loved Ford Cortina was replaced this year with the Ford Sierra. It was not universally taken to as drivers were fond of the Cortina but that is usual for changes to the norm and will no doubt be the same when the Sierra gets changed.

Another big change this year was the introduction of the CD which would have a devastating effect on the sale of Vinyl records although never actually killed them off. It did take a few years before their sales outnumbered Vinyl but they did hurt.

In America Disney World opened their latest attraction which was the “Epcot Centre”, their second theme park after the “Magic kingdom”. The Epcot is dedicated to technological innovation and international culture. The park is represented by a large sphere called “Spaceship Earth” and gets many millions of visitors a year.

Pope John Paul II visited the UK this year and spent time in Scotland meeting people in Murrayfield stadium and the following day he celebrated mass in Bellahouston park with 300,000 in attendance.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s son Mark Thatcher was lost in the Sahara desert. Mark had been competing in the Paris-Dakar rally and he and his team were missing for six days.

Laker Airways went bankrupt this year not surviving the recession of the early eighties. It had been one of the first low-cost no frills carriers.

 Another big name to go out of business was the DeLorean motor company. It’s famous for cars with falcon winged doors which simply mean that the car doors are hinged at the roof rather than the side to give it a winged look with both doors open. This type of car could take you back in time according to the “Back to the future” film franchise.

The Belt Abolished In Schools: The European court of human rights declared that if a school teacher punishes a pupil with a belt, tawse, cane or anything similar without the consent of the parents that they were breaching human rights. Too late for me, I was a parent by that time and had suffered many breaches of my human rights in the past.

The Falklands War between the UK and Argentina started in April and finished in June of this year. The Islanders wanted to remain British but the Argentine’s took military action against the island as it saw the island as belonging to them. This was seen as an invasion of Crown Property therefore the Conservative government retaliated and the war ensued. The Falklands are as they were before, but the war had cost many lives on both sides.

A handful of arrivals in 1982

Kate Duchess of Cambridge 9th Jan

Petr Cech (Czech goalkeeper) 20th May

James Anderson (Cricketer) 30th Jul

LeAnn Rhymes (singer) 28th Aug

Andy Roddick (Tennis player) 30th Aug

A handful of departures in 1982

Arthur Askey

Stanley Holloway (Comic actor) 30th Jan

Alex Harvey (singer) 4th Feb

Kenneth More (Actor) 12th Jul

Henry Fonda (Actor) 12th Aug

Arthur Askey (Comedian) 16th Nov

That Was 1982

That’s my subjective brief journey through 1985. I hope you enjoyed yourself. Many thanks for joining me, good health, good fortune and God bless. Bye for now.

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Answers to our little 1982 music quiz (above):
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – I Love Rock N’ Roll
Tears For Fears- Mad World
Yazoo – Don’t Go
Fat Larrys Band – Zoom
Soft Cell – Torch

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