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Glasgow Taxi Outing To Troon 2019

Event Date & Time

The 74th annual Glasgow taxi outing to Troon will be on Wednesday 19th June 2019.

The taxis arrive in Troon just before 1pm and queue along the North Shore, entering the town at 1pm.
Glasgow Taxi Outing to Troon

Route Through Troon

The route will be in via Barassie Street, along Portland Street, onto Ayr Street, then parking on the South Beach promenade.

About The Outing

Since 1945, the taxi drivers from Glasgow have given up their time to bring children with additional educational needs, their parents and volunteers on a very special day out.

The procession of decorated taxis leaves Glasgow in the morning for a trip to the seaside at Troon. Hundreds of people line the streets to wave them off from Glasgow. On arrival in Troon, they are always given a very special welcome. Shops are decorated and local schools bring the pupils out to line the streets on the way into the town. Hundreds if not thousands of people cheer and wave the procession through the town, which is led by a police motorcycle escort and the Glasgow Police Pipe Band.

Irvine Beat FM will be there this year to cover the event live.

Irvine Beat FM will send a team across to Troon. We will stream this live on our Facebook page and will broadcast a very special edition of lunchtime from the streets of Troon.

Barry Reilly, who presents lunchtime shows on Irvine Beat FM, will be there to cover this for us.

Barry explains “I used to have a shop in the town and a few years ago and when Facebook introduced their “Facebook Live” feature, I thought it’d be a good idea to stream the procession coming into the town. I liked the idea of those people who had waved the kids off in Glasgow in the morning, being able to watch the procession arriving in Troon. I thought we may get a few dozen viewers, but within 20 minutes, we had over 10,000 viewers from all over the world. The following year I found myself standing on the street filming, talking to over 20,000 viewers”!

“This goes to show that there is huge interest in this event. What the drivers and volunteers do is just brilliant. I no longer have the shop in Troon but now that I am involved with Irvine Beat FM, I thought it’d be a great idea to pick this up. Friends, family of those involved can watch the procession being welcomed into the town. Former residents of Troon and Ayrshire can also watch from wherever they are around the country or around the world”.

“We plan to stream the video on Facebook. But getting the radio station involved is even better than just streaming the event online. I love the idea of the taxi drivers being able to tune in to us on the way down and get a taste of the atmosphere and build-up to them arriving”.

Watch Online or Listen On-Air

If any of the drivers read this, you’ll be able to pick us up on 107.2 FM on the M77 / A77 just before you get to Kilmarnock, and from there all the way into Troon.


For for information about the Glasgow Taxi Outing, or to donate to the charity fund that organise the event go to

The live video stream will be on Facebook, on

Listen live on the radio on 107.2FM or right here, on this website.

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