Day: May 1, 2019

Glasgow Taxi Outing To Troon 2019

Event Date & Time The 74th annual Glasgow taxi outing to Troon will be on Wednesday 19th June 2019. The taxis arrive in Troon just before 1pm and queue along the North Shore, entering the town at 1pm. Route Through Troon The route will be in via Barassie Street, along Portland Street, onto Ayr Street,…

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1969 Memories – A Journey Back To 1969

By John Surgenor. Irvine Beat FM Presenter. 1969 Let me lead you through a brief journey into the golden year of 1969. The journey will take us through the music, the entertainment, the happenings, the memories and some trivia of the year. I’ll start by introducing myself. I’m John Surgenor and I do a golden…

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