Local Radio Advertising

There’s never been a better time to promote your business or brand using local radio advertising.

We have a range of packages available including spot adverts, item sponsorship & exclusive programme sponsorship.

Details & Pricing

At Irvine Beat FM we don’t have a “hard-sell” sales team who will hound you once you have enquired about advertising. Simply email us and we send you back a promotion info-pack which includes all price plans and available sponsorship spots.

Production & Recording

All of the commercials on Irvine Beat FM are recorded & produced by professional production companies.

We work with you throughout the process of script writing and deciding which style of production fits best for your brand.

Building a Stronger Local Presence:

The Benefits of Advertising on Local Radio

Advertising on local community radio can be a cost-effective way to reach a targeted audience and build brand awareness, while also showing support for the local community.

Targeted audience:

Local radio has a specific audience demographic that we cater to. This means that by advertising on a local radio station, you can reach the exact audience that you want to target.


Compared to other forms of advertising, such as TV or print, radio advertising is generally more affordable, especially for small businesses.

High frequency:

Radio ads can be played multiple times a day, reaching listeners who tune in at different times throughout the day. This allows for a high frequency of exposure, which can be effective in building brand awareness and recall.


Radio ads can be creative, humorous, or emotional, and can be designed to capture the listener's attention and engage them emotionally. This can help build a positive association with your brand.

Local community engagement:

Local radio has a strong connection with the community we serve. By advertising on local radio, you can show your support for the community and build goodwill towards your business.


Radio advertising allows for flexibility in terms of ad length and frequency, allowing you to adjust your ad campaign as needed based on its performance.