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Anti-Social Behaviour – The Neighbours!

Antisocial Neighbours


By Barry Reilly
Lunchtime Presenter – Irvine Beat FM

In this article we look at Anti-Social Behaviour. This is an incredibly wide and varied topic so today we cover ant-social behaviour within communities. What to do if you have a conflict with a neighbour.

North Ayrshire’s Crime Prevention & Interventions Officer, PC Johnson joined us on Wednesday (13/03/19) Lunchtime on Irvine Beat FM to provide us with information about what can be done to resolve disputes and action that can be taken if issues cannot be resolved amicably between neighbours.

What Is Anti-Social Behaviour?

Anti-Social Behaviour is defined by “behaviour which harms the quality of life of residents, and causes, or is likely to cause, distress or alarm to anyone not in the same household.

This can include drug dealing, threats, violence, vandalism, nuisance, harassment or loud noise such as loud music or dogs barking continuously.

These problems may start as an irritation or annoyance, but for anyone subjected to continuous anti-social behaviour over a period of time, this can take it’s toll and eventually cause serious distress.

Initial Steps To Resolving Anti-Social Behaviour

Communication. Speak to your neighbour in a polite and non-confrontational manner.

Explain your situation and concerns. For example: if the issue is loud music or Tv being played late at night and you have children asleep or you have to be up early in the morning, explain your position.

There is every chance that your neighbour was unaware of noise being heard outwith their property, or that their dog barks all day when they are out.

Infrastructural conditions within some buildings can actually contribute and appear to amplify noise, therefore a neighbour in a flat upstairs be be completely unaware that they are causing others distress.

Escalation & Break Down Of Communication

So what happens when you have informed your neighbour of the issue and nothing changes? What happens if communication breaks down between neighbours and tensions  rise & escalate.

There is support available and action can be taken.

Anti-Social Behaviour Team

Like most councils, North Ayrshire Council have an Anti-Social Behaviour team. They work in partnership with North Ayrshire Police, in fact the council team have a police officer embedded within the team. Together this enables the council and police to issue joint warnings and carry out joint investigations.

The team can offer initial confidential advice to resolve matters or advise on action that may be taken against consistent offending neighbours.

Mediation can be arranged. If communication has broken down completely with your neighbour, warnings can be issued and more serious action can be taken.

Following warnings being issued, the team will return to check that the issue has been resolved.

Charges will be brought against any criminality cases. For cases such as persistent noise, officers will investigate and if they deem the noise unacceptable, they have the power to confiscate sound equipment or in some cases make arrangements to end people’s tenancies.

Cunningham House - Irvine - North Ayrshire

Cunningham House – Irvine

Private Letting & Home Owners

Anti-Social Behaviour charges can be brought against private home owners or those who reside in private rented accommodation.

Addressing A Recognised Problem

Anti-Social Behaviour within communities and conflicts between neighbours is a serious problem. In the last 6 months in North Ayrshire there were over 900 calls relating to the problems of noise related issues and neighbour disputes.

This problem is not unique to North Ayrshire. This is a nationwide problem.

The Anti-Social Behaviour Team are there to help and advise. To find a sensible resolve or take a firm approach if necessary.

Contact NAC Anti-Social Behaviour Team

Their telephone number is 01294 314640

(There is an out-of-hours number which will be read on the recorded message if you call out-of-hours).

Their address is:

Antisocial Behaviour Team, North Ayrshire Council, Housing Services, PO Box 8319, Irvine, KA12 2AL

The non-emergency number to call the police is 101.

If the problem is urgent and involves violence, injury or anything of an urgent serious matter, call 999.

To report suspected deliberate fire setting, vandalism, fly-tipping or any other offence that you witness in your neighbourhood, call the Police non-emergency 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


Listen Again

PC Johnson providing us with some very useful information relating to Anti-Social Behaviour in relation to neighbour disputes.


North Ayrshire’s Crime Prevention & Interventions Officer PC Johnson

Further Information Link:

Antisocial Behaviour Team – North Ayrshire



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