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Couch to 5K – Irvine Running Club

Couch to 5K - Jog Scotland

Ever thought about joining a running club, but been afraid as they will all be at a far more advanced level than you?

New Beginners Couch to 5K Program

This new program is for beginners. Organised by the long established “Irvine Running Club”, this program will give you all the motivation and training that you need to get into running.

Jog leaders are all fully qualified and this program is promoted by Jog Scotland.

Program Details

Before starting the Couch to 5k program, you should be capable of walking briskly for 30 minutes.

This is a 9 week program. The program starts off with intervals of walking and jogging. This builds up to a 30 minute jog by week 9.

The Aim Of The Program

This program is aimed at beginners. Those who are looking to get fit and healthy. Once the program is complete, you will be ready to start training to enter local parkrun events or events such as Race For Life.


On Thursday lunchtime (11/04/19), Jennie Jackson from Irvine Running Club came along to Irvine Beat FM to talk to us on air about the group and the benefits of joining a running club.

Jennie Jackson - Irvine Running Club
Jennie Jackson from Irvine Running Club on Irvine Beat FM

Some of the key features that we learned from talking to Jessie:

New runners can benefit from the experience of those who have been running for years. The jog leaders all remember themselves what it is like at the beginning. They all love running and are keen to introduce others to the sport in a safe, well paced introduction plan.

Benefits of Running

The benefit of running obviously is good for your health, helping with cardiac health, weight loss, decreasing blood pressure & cholesterol levels. Great for mental health and well being. Furthermore it is a great social experience. Join with a friend or join on your own and make new friends within the group.

The club is welcoming, friendly & will help you achieve goals which will give you an incredible sense of achievement!

How To Join Or Enquire Further

You can contact Irvine Running Club via their Facebook page on this link.

The cost is £1 per week.

Where & When?

Choose from any of these days of locations:

Tuesday 7pm at Irvine Sports Club

Wednesday 5.15pm Meeting at the entrance to the Ayrshire Maternity Unit at Crosshouse Hospital

Thursdays 6.15pm at Irvine Sports Club

Fridays 9.30am at Irvine Sports Club

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