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Drones – Listen Again – We Discuss The Safe Use Of Drones


Spotlight Feature – The Safe Use Of Drones?

On Thursday lunchtime (24/1/19) our feature article was “drones”. In order to encourage and promote the safe and responsible use of drones, following the recent bad publicity that drones have had in the news.

The purpose of this feature was not to denounce the use of drones, as the media has done recently, but instead to talk about how drones are used commercially, as hobbies and more importantly, how to use drones safely and responsibly.

Drones - AyrshireLunchtime Spotlight Feature

Irvine Beat FM lunchtime presenter Barry Reilly was joined in the studio by PC Colin Johnson, who is North Ayrshire’s Crime Prevention & Intervention officer. Colin was in to highlight the current legislation regarding the use of drones and to reassure the public of any concerns that they had.

On the phone line, Neil from  CDF (Commercial Drone Footage) was our expert guest on the programme. Neil is a professional drone operator, involved in the commercial use of drones and was able to give us some great advice and useful information. Neil explained what commercial drone photographers and surveyors do and also gave us some great advice for anyone thinking of getting involved in flying drones as a hobby.


Listen Again

This feature is available now to Listen Again.



During the research for this feature, we discovered that there are Drone Clubs in Ayrshire. If you are new to flying drones in Ayrshire, these clubs and organisations are a good place to get advice.

The guidelines of the Drone Code can be found on this link.




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