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February Fitness – Irvine Beat FM Special Feature

Health & Well-being Feature


February Fitness.

Throughout February 2019 on Irvine Beat FM, we will be running special spotlight features on fitness.

At Irvine Beat FM we are continuing our commitment to the promotion of health & well-being in North Ayrshire.


Open Invitation / Letter To All Amateur Sports Clubs

If you are involved in a sports club of any description, big or small, we want to hear from you. Whether you are a new club just getting started, or an established club that has been running for many years.

Whether you are looking to encourage new members to join or looking for volunteers to get involved to help. Use the platform of Irvine Beat FM to promote your club. Provide us with the information and we will broadcast it on air and publish it on our website and social media.

This platform to publicise your club is free! We do not charge for this. As long as your club is a non-profit organisation and based within our catchment of Irvine & surrounding areas. Like you, Irvine Beat FM is here to serve and benefit the community in Ayrshire. Use us as a platform to promote your sports club.

If you run a club or help to organise events for any type of sports club, get in touch with us by email. We hope to invite as many as we can, to talk to us live or air, either in the studio or on the telephone.

We want to hear all about the club that you are involved in, all about the sport itself and how new members can enquire and get involved.

Furthermore, joining a new sport or activity club can also be a great way of meeting people and forming friendships. We are keen to hear all about the social benefits of becoming involved in a local sports club.


Why February?Sport Clubs Ayrshire

The weather isn’t usually great in February. The motivation or incentive perhaps just isn’t there to get your trainers on and go out running in torrential rain and howling gales. Therefore the aim of these features is to inspire and inform. We aim to provide information about local sports clubs. What they do, when they meet, where they are. To inform you of how you can get involved either as a participant or volunteer. Even if you don’t actually start participating in this sport or activity during February, just enquiring about what’s involved is the first step.

Variety Of Sports & Activities

There are dozens, if not hundreds of sports clubs and organisations around Ayrshire. Indoor, outdoor, for young & “not as young”!

The February Fitness features that we are preparing for broadcast, will hopefully cover a wide variety of sports and activities. We plan to cover the obvious football, rugby & running clubs, but aim to highlight the sports that aren’t as well publicised. These could be anything from fencing to footgolf, badminton, curling, kitesurfing, hiking…… anything. You get the idea!


Get involved, get in touch.


Telephone: 01294 311061


Article Date 30/01/19. Contact us throughout February and beyond. We are committed to informing & encouraging the good health and well-being of the community in and around Irvine.



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