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Irvine Beat FM – Celebrating 10 Years On-Air

Irvine Beat FM 10 Years On-Air

We, Irvine Beat FM, are thrilled to celebrate 10 years since the momentous occasion when our radio station officially went live on air on August 12, 2013. It has been an incredible journey leading up to this remarkable milestone, and we are grateful for the support and contributions of our community.

In The Beginning

Back in 2009, we began as a community radio station, and in 2012, we were delighted to become a registered charity.

Through dedication and perseverance, we successfully completed a series of trial broadcasts under ‘restricted service licences,’ earning the recognition and approval of the broadcasting regulator, Ofcom. Eventually, Ofcom awarded us a five-year broadcasting license, allowing us to provide our radio service full-time.

Commitment To Community

Our main focus has always been to offer a wide variety of music to our listeners, while emphasizing health and well-being topics that benefit our local community. This commitment to enriching lives through informative content has been central to our programming.

Huge Thanks To Volunteers Past & Present

Our journey has been filled with hard work and dedication, and we owe our success to the unwavering support and commitment of our volunteers. Their efforts were rewarded in 2018 when Ofcom granted us a five-year extension to our broadcasting license, further solidifying our presence in the community.

Irvine Beat FM 10 Years on the air

Challenges Along The Way

While the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 forced us to close down our physical studios, we were determined to continue our service. Thanks to the resourcefulness of our presenters, equipped with their own broadcasting equipment, we managed to keep our shows going, albeit on a reduced schedule, broadcasting safely from their homes.

License Extension To 2028

Incredibly, we have recently received more great news. Ofcom has extended our broadcasting license for another five years, which means we will continue to serve our listeners until August 2028. This extension fills us with joy and sets the stage for our 10th-anniversary celebrations on the 12th August 2023.

We Remain Committed

As we look back on a decade of broadcasting excellence and ahead to an exciting future, we, Irvine Beat FM, remain committed to entertaining, informing, and engaging our community with the best in music, enriching content, and a diverse range of programs. Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey!

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