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Irvine Sea Cadets – Volunteers / Helpers Required

Irvine Sea Cadets - North Ayrshire


On Tuesday (5/02/2019) , Robert Duncan, the Executive Officer of Irvine Sea Cadets joined us live in the studio on Irvine Beat FM’s lunchtime programme to tell us all about the Irvine Sea Cadets.

Here’s What We Found Out

The Sea Cadets are the UK’s largest uniformed youth organisation. They are committed to providing their cadets with the best possible head start in life through nautical adventure and fun based on traditions of the Royal Navy.

Boys and girls are welcome to join Junior Sea Cadets at 10 and Sea Cadets at 12.

Volunteers Required

The Irvine Sea Cadets unit, located in Dreghorn, is looking for adult volunteers. If you think that you can help to transform teenagers into resilient, confident young people who can launch well in life, Irvine Sea Cadets would love to hear from you.

Some of the existing 9,000 volunteers in the UK are from a naval or military background, but many aren’t. And there are many different roles you can choose from, and gain excellent, nationally recognised training and qualifications for.

They need people with energy, happy to roll up their sleeves, get involved, and make a positive difference to teenagers who are often struggling in today’s world.

If this is something that you’d be interested in, please contact Robert Duncan at Sea Cadets Irvine 01294 218742. Or visit their Facebook page and message them to find out more


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