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Lockdown Live Service On Irvine Beat FM 107.2

Since the start of lockdown, Irvine Beat FM has continued to bring you a variety of programmes.

Since March 24th 2020, our studios have been locked down and our presenters have been broadcasting from their homes.

Decision To Carry On

There are many local community stations around the country that made the decision to lock down and playout continuous automated music 24 hours a day. (Often as the only option). However our station manager David made the decision to step up at a time when the community needs local information more than ever.

Outside Broadcasts Without The Anchor

Technically, this was a huge challenge. Every live programme is essentially an outside broadcast. Normally outside broadcasts are achieved by having an anchor presenter in the studio along with a technical engineer at the station to make sure things all run smoothly.

However, as our studios are completely locked down, there is no anchor. On a typical weekday, we are handing over from one house to another. (Sometimes not as seamlessly as we’d like, but hey).

By continuing to broadcast, we are able to fulfil our role as your local and community broadcaster for Irvine and surrounding areas.

Presenters have turned their spare bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms into temporary studios. Some presenters have been able to carry on producing their programmes using a system called “remote voice tracking”.

Community Information

During the lockdown, we have been able to provide the usual mixture of music, news and information. Most importantly, locally relevant information for the area.

We have been able to bring you interviews from our local council leaders and local MSPs as well as highlight local charities, community hubs and fund raising events.


The feedback we have had since lockdown began has been fantastic. Particularly from those who are isolating on their own at this difficult time. We are so pleased to be able to provide you some company, entertainment and vital local information during the ongoing situation. Thank-you for listening.

Behind The Scenes

Here’s a look behind-the-scenes of Irvine Beat FM on lockdown with a few pictures from our presenter’s houses converted into temporary studios.

Love Local – Hate Lockdown – But we are still on air.

Contact Us

If you are involved in any type of community group, charity or organisation that have any announcements or events during lockdown, contact us. We are committed to supporting the community of Irvine and surrounding areas.

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