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From here, you can follow (subscribe) to shows or your choice. When a new episode of that show becomes available, your podcast app will update automatically.

This is a new service from Irvine Beat FM, so for the time being we have listed music specialist shows.

If you require help getting started with podcasts, scroll down to Help Getting Started.

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Help Getting Started

Do You Have A Podcast App Installed?

The first thing to check is that you have a Podcast app on your mobile device. If you don’t, go to the App Store on your mobile or tablet and search for “podcast”.

On Apple devices (iPads, iPhones, Smart Watches) the app is called Podcasts and the icon looks like this:

On Android devices (Samsung phones & tablets) install Google Podcasts. The icon looks like this:

Instructions For Apple

Tap on the text (below the picture) of a show above.

Open your podcast app, tap Library / Add a Show by URL / Paste in the address that you copied.

Boom, you are subscribed.

Instructions For Android

Tap on the text (below the picture) of a show above.

Open your podcast app, look for Add by RSS Feed (under the 3 dots top right). Paste in the address you copied.

Boom, you are subscribed.

New To Podcasts?

“What’s The Point… I Don’t Get It…”

Podcasts provide you with audio content that you want – at whatever time that suits you.

Much like catch-up & on-demand TV, you decide when is convenient to your day or week to listen. Skip past the bits you don’t want, rewind, pause, you decide.

The advantages that podcasts have over catch-up TV, with podcasts you can listen while driving, on a flight, jogging, in the shower…. the list goes on.

Here’s the best bit – you can listen offline. Download the podcast on your home Wi-Fi, it’ll playback whenever you decide and wherever you are.

On a smartphone – listening to streaming online will eat up your mobile data!

As for iPads & Android tablets, most don’t have mobile data. Download the podcasts that you want at home and listen wherever you are.

Examples For Using Podcasts

If for example you like Country Music. Let Dawn provide the soundtrack to your in-flight entertainment and background balcony music on your next trip to Tenerife.

Or if your taste in music is Indie Music and you have a long distance drive ahead, download the last few episodes of “The Wonderful World Of Indie” and let Zac keep you company all the way down the M6.

We are keen for you to continue listening to our live broadcasts, but if you’re heading away (somewhere nice) take us with you!