Jack Bennie

Jack Bennie


Jack Bennie – Irvine Beat FM

Jack hosts Tuesday Lunchtime and Saturdays 2pm until 4pm

More about Jack…

How did you get into broadcasting?

Started my own radio station in 1994. It was part-time until 2000 when we won a full time licence which was called Castle Rock FM. I moved to West Sound in 2004 and then to Irvine Beat FM in 2010

Random encounter with any celebrity?

Far too many to mention but I did enjoy interviewing Gabrielle

If you could interview anyone, who would it be and what question would you ask them?

Paul McCartney. Loads given the time.

Music preferences / influences?

Sixties and good dance music.

One surprising fact that your regular listeners may not know about you?

I once sang with a twenty piece orchestra in 1970 when I lived in London for a time.

Sum up Irvine in 6 words or less?


What movies do you like?

The Bond movies Carry on movies Die Hard movies