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The Shoes Brothers “Come To Save Our Planet”

The “MIN” in Black are back. Rev Neil Urquhart and Father Willie Boyd, aka The Shoes Brothers are back with their new song “Come To Save Our Planet”.

Neil & Willie work together to build community bonds and their previous songs campaign against divide within the community. All done in a light-hearted, fun way.

Save The Planet

The Shoes Brothers are back with another song / video for 2019, this year incorporating and environmental theme to save the planet.

The video will feature local community groups such as the Irvine Clean Up Crew. It will be published this week and we will link to it here .

On Friday 29th Nov The Shoes Brothers were in the studios of Irvine Beat FM for the song’s “world exclusive” and to tell us all about the song and the message behind it.

The Shoes Brothers

Free to download

The song is available on Spotify, Apple Music & Google Play under ‘The Shoes Brothers’.

It is free to download and stream on these services.

Link to: The Shoes Brothers Facebook page.

The Shoes Brothers on Irvine Beat FM

When the video releases on Wed 4th Dec 2019 we’ll link to it here, but in the meantime here’s a snippet of the new song as it went out on the radio…

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