Join the team

The station is predominantly operated by volunteers, and we eagerly invite new volunteers to join us.

We welcome individuals who have a strong passion for our community, and prior radio experience is not a requirement.

You can explore the available positions listed below and apply for any that pique your interest.

Alternatively, if you have any general questions, you can contact us via email.

We are a welcoming, friendly group of volunteers. We’d love to hear from you.

Join Our Team Of Volunteers

Roles available always include:


Every fancied presenting your own show on the radio? We offer full training which includes the technical side of presenting and also covers "Broadcast Law" training.


The back-end day-to-day running of a radio station requires a mixture of administrative roles.

OB (Outside Broadcast) Team

We regularly take the radio station out-and-about to local events. Additional volunteers are always required for a number of roles for these events.

Technical & Sound Engineering

If you are looking for experience in the technical side of how a radio station operates, or if you have expertise that could assist us within sound engineering or IT, we'd love to hear from you.

Sales & Finance

Relating to the available admin roles available, if you have experience in finance or sales and you are interested in getting involved with a local worthwhile organisation, please consider joining Irvine Beat FM.

Charity Liaison

Irvine Beat FM works hard to support as many local charities as we can. The role of Charity Liaison would include forming contact with local charities and communicating with them about fund raising opportunities and inviting guests in to be interviewed on-air.

Content Creators

Have you ever fancied creating and publishing your own Podcast? Our new Podcast platform has launched and we invite local content creators to produce content on a wide variety of subjects.