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Gordon Stewart

Born in Ayrshire in a wee village called Auchinleck, Gordon has been interested in all music genres growing up listening to Genesis, Bad Company, The Police & Blondie to name just a few.

Gordon started as a DJ in 1980 and continued to play at some locally well known venues like Amanda’s Pleasuredome and Rioz.

On Irvine Beat FM, Gordon presents his hugely popular Tuesday & Thursday evening shows as well as fronting the long running Awesome 80’s on Sunday evenings.

Awesome 80’s

When you hear a piece of music you can tell almost immediately that it’s from the 80’s and Gordon plays all of your favourites as well as some you might not have heard for a while, his show is packed full of features, finish your weekend off with a bang.

Awesome 80’s – Sundays 8pm – 10pm

Tuesday and Thursday shows

Join Gordon with his blend of chat and music through the years with features including reverse track.

Gordon Stewart – Tuesdays & Thursdays – 8pm – 10pm.

Listen Again – Latest Episodes Of Awesome 80’s

Listen Again – Latest Episodes Of Gordon Stewart Evening Shows

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