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How To Download Podcast With RSS on iPhone or iPad

If you are new to downloading podcasts, here is a “how to guide” to download radio shows to iPhone or iPads by copying the RSS feed link.

Why Download A Podcast?

Downloading podcasts means you can listen to the content that you want, when you want, wherever you want. If you are on the move, on a long drive or on a flight, you can listen to radio content without using your mobile data.

Simply download the podcast on your WiFi and listen back whenever you want to. You may use an iPad that doesn’t have mobile data. Downloading podcasts lets you playback your choice of content wherever you are.

The downloads will clear from your mobile device once you have played them back, or you can save them to listen again any time.

How To Download A Podcast With RSS Feed Using Apple Devices

(Android devices will have very similar procedure, but for this example we’ll use an iPhone)

How To Download RSS Podcast To iPad or iPhone

  1. Copy the RSS Address

    Once it has been copied to your clipboard, we can add it to your Podcasts library.

  2. Using the iOS Podcast App

    Open Podcasts App and tap “Library” at the bottom.

  3. Go To Edit (3 dots on the top right)

    In edit, tap on “Add a Show by URL”

  4. Add a Show by URL (box)

    The RSS feed that you copied earlier can be pasted in by pressing and holding into the white space. Tap “Paste”. Then tap “Follow” button.

Picture Step-by-Step: Adding Podcast By URL on iOS.

Let’s start by choosing the show that you want to download as a podcast, then open the Listen Again player on this website.

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