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Irvine’s Harbourside Plans

Irvine Harbourside - bridge

The plans to revamp Harbourside in Irvine are advancing rapidly. North Ayrshire Council is set to unveil the most recent plan for the “Great Harbour” project, as they push ahead with their vision to turn the Irvine Harbour zone into a vibrant, stimulating, and cultural attraction. The proposed “Great Harbour” plans are an essential component of the Ayrshire Growth Deal, which includes developing three central “hubs” on a “Maritime Mile” extending from Irvine’s train station all the way to the Harbourside.

Phase 1

The initial phase of enhancing the Harbourside involved the Coastal Hub, and following a consultation held by the Council last year, it is now moving ahead, with designs set to be created this year. These designs will be subject to further consultation later in the year.

Your Feedback Encouraged

On March 24th, the Council launched a new consultation seeking feedback on the other aspects of the plans to ensure that the needs and priorities of the local community are addressed.

The plan has been refined over the past several months, taking into consideration economic challenges and the feedback gathered during last year’s initial phase of public consultations. It will offer a more detailed outline of the physical improvements planned for the Harbourside.

Coastal Hub

As part of the plans, a Coastal Hub will be established, featuring a substantial new play facility at Beach Park, along with upgraded outdoor amenities. There are also longer-term plans to enhance the iconic Pilot House and establish a café/restaurant facility.

Marina/Arts/Events/Food Hub

One of the proposed “hubs” is the Marina/Arts/Events/Food Hub. This area will include a new waterfront plaza to support events and improve access to the marina, as well as additional food options to enhance the area’s appeal for visitors. The Harbourmaster’s House will also be redeveloped as part of this project.

Maritime Hub

Another key part of the project is the Maritime Hub, which seeks to create expanded facilities for the National Maritime Museum.

List of Further Drop-In Events

  •  24 March    Harbour Arts Centre (1.30pm-4:30p) Meet the designer from 2pm
  • 31 March    Harbour Arts Centre (9.30am-4.30pm)
  • 5 April         Fullarton Community Hub (1pm-6pm)
  • 22 April       Harbour Arts Centre (1pm-4.30pm)
  • 29 April       Harbour Arts Centre (1.30pm-43pm) Meet the Designer from 2pm 

To gather feedback from the public, information boards will be placed at Irvine Library and in front of the Harbour Arts Centre. Feedback forms and collection boxes will also be available within these facilities.

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