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Love Music – Chris Houston on Music

Chris Houston - On Music


By Chris Houston
Irvine Beat FM Presenter

Having presented radio for well over ten years now, I couldn’t begin to imagine how many times I’ve pressed the play button before music of all genres is played on the airwaves.

I remember before even considering radio my exposure to various genres and artists was, in fact, very limited. Apart from the then latest ‘Now’ album back in 2006, it was only really whatever CDs were at home in which i was about to onto my iPod Nano. Before you may ask, it was Rod Stewart, Tina Turner and Level 42 tracks – that’s all!

Since then I genuinely mean it when i say what i consider to be great music is now very varied from all decades, genres, etc. However, the largest amount is artists in which their music was in the 1980s. These include Steve Winwood, Bruce Hornsby, Level 42, Mike Francis, Stephen Bishop and Kenny Thomas.

Growing up and being asked occasionally what my music taste was like, I’d often get responses around being accused of being far too young to know this or that artist – all in good humour!


Hooked on Artists

I’m not sure what your listening habits but i tend to listen to the one artist for a while then move onto another my of favourites and so on. I’ve been listening to Bruce Hornsby on repeat for about a fortnight – much to my girlfriend’s annoyance!


‘The Sound of Vinyl’

I know that for many, when it comes to what mediums are used nowadays, many people, particularly those who grew up with older mediums, still prefer to own these mediums – whether it be vinyl, tape, CD – with their favourite artists and music on them.


I have to admit, I’ve always seen the more ‘practical’ side of being able to carry one device that has the ability to hold literally thousands of songs. However, I know for many of you, nothing beats (see what i did there?) the real thing. The crackle you get from playing a vinyl, the rewinding of a tape, etc – you can’t beat it (right I’ll stop now).




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