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North Ayrshire Has World’s 1st Contactless Green Man

We are all being urged these days to use contactless payment methods when possible. To avoid touching surfaces and sanitize after touching door handles, etc.

But what about the button at pedestrian crossings?

World’s First In North Ayrshire

North Ayrshire is the first council in the world to have contactless green man pedestrian crossings.

An Edinburgh based company has been working on disability services known as Assitive Technology.

There is an App that you can install on your smartphone that will detect when you come into close range of a pedestrian crossing and it will automatically activate the button on the crossing to stop the traffic and change to the green man.

Irvine Get’s Green Light To Cross

Every crossing in Irvine is now fitted with this technology. Initial trials were installed in Largs, making North Ayrshire the first council area in the world to have this technology put into place.

It is hoped that this technology will make things a little easier for those with disabilities such as blind people and those who are wheelchair bound. However the technology is available for everyone to use.

The company is called Neatebox. The founder & CEO of Neatebox, Gavin Neate spoke to Barry Reilly on Irvine Beat FM Monday (19/10/20) Lunchtime to explain more about how the idea came about.

Listen Again…

Listen again to Gavin Neate speaking to Barry Reilly on Irvine Beat FM Lunchtime.

Gavin Neate, CEO of Neatebox with Craig Happell, demonstrating the contactless pedestrian crossing in Irvine.

Free App

The app is free, it’s called Button by Neatebox and is available to download on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

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