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Stop & Think Before Attending ED (A & E)

Stop, Think Campaign

NHS Ayrshire & Arran is asking people to stop and think before attending the Emergency Department (ED), as it may not always be the best place to treat certain conditions.

Dr Crawford McGuffie, Joint Medical Director and Emergency Department Consultant, explains: “As we move into the winter months, our Emergency Departments are at their busiest. However, we know that some people who attend our EDs would receive more appropriate and quicker treatment elsewhere.

“So, we are asking members of the public to stop, think, and ask ‘Is it an emergency?’ If it is an emergency, come straight to the Emergency Department.

“That way we can ensure that our Emergency Departments are there for those who need it most – those with life-threatening emergencies, and injuries.”

Stop! Think…

If you do attend one of our EDs and your condition does not need the services of an Emergency Department, you may be redirected to a more appropriate service. These include GP surgery, NHS24, pharmacy, emergency dental service, pregnancy services and sexual health services. Redirecting patients to more appropriate services will help our Emergency Departments run more efficiently and patients will be seen quicker.

Joanne Edwards, Director for Acute Services, adds: “We want to make sure that the right patient is seen at the right place at the right time with the right clinician. Our key message is to let people know the most appropriate time to visit an ED, and what are the available alternatives.

”It’s your Emergency Department. Please use it well.”
So remember:

  • Your local pharmacy provides expert advice for common illnesses and ailments.
  • Call NHS24 on 111 to access out-of-hours advice and services, or if you’re unsure where to go.
  • Your GP surgery is for an illness or injury that just won’t go away.
  • The Emergency Department is for life-threatening emergencies and injuries.

For further information on this visit NHS Ayrshire & Arran.

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