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Summer Resolutions – It’s A Thing!

Summer Resolutions - Getting Fit In Spring

By Barry Reilly,
Irvine Beat FM Presenter.

What Are Summer Resolutions?

In short – summer resolutions are the same as New Year resolutions, they can be anything you want!

  • Stop Smoking
  • Exercise More
  • Save More Money
  • Drink Less
  • Become Better At Your Job
  • Join A Charitable or Community Group
  • Allocate More Family Time…

The list of suggestions goes on and on.

The Problem With Resolutions At New Year…

Party Season hasn’t finished properly. It’s the 1st of January and perhaps you still have a couple of days socialising before returning to normality. New Year’s Day family gatherings or meeting friends during the holidays. Is this really the best time to set yourself goals that will be difficult to achieve?

Furthermore, you still have a few months of miserable weather ahead, so if your goal is to get fit or lose weight, the incentive just isn’t there.

Who (in the Northern hemisphere) wants to take up hill walking at the start of January?

When Do Summer Resolutions Begin?

It’s Up To You – You Decide

You could use the 1st day of any month or better still…

The Day the Clocks Change

A good starter is when the clocks change. The clocks change (Spring Forward) on the last Sunday in March. What a great time to start thinking about getting fit. When would you rather go out running or take up running? The first few days in January or the first few days in April?

Even smaller steps such as walking to work seem far more appealing in springtime.

Even if your resolution is something as simple as to get the dog out for longer walks. (although stay clear of sheep fields).

July 1st

Another marker date in the calendar year is July 1st. The 1st day of July marks the halfway point of a year. The 182nd day with 183 days remaining. This is also a great time to set yourself new goals. Your 6 month achievement date being New Year’s day!

Why Set Yourself Resolutions?

By setting yourself resolutions, you have a date to start from. This can help you prepare in advance. This date gives you a few days to mentally prepare yourself. By using calendar date markers such as resolutions, you can achieve your goals easier. For example when the clocks change back to winter, you’ll know that you have quit smoking for 6 months. In fact every year that the clocks spring forward, you will feel an overwhelming sense of achievement that another year has passed without smoking.

So Summer Resolutions are “a thing”. If there is something you have been thinking of doing or changing, whether relating to health, profession, lifestyle or personal, try summer resolutions instead of the old fashioned (doomed from the off) New Year resolutions.

It’s springtime, summer is just ahead, what a time to set yourself some realistic, achievable goals.

Listener Reaction

I spoke about this on the radio on Tuesday lunchtime (26/3/19). Within seconds the phone in the studio was ringing (well flashing actually). We spoke live on-air to Colin, a listener who told us that himself and the lads at work have decided that from Monday they are taking up Walking Football. Something they have been talking about for a while but never actually set a date to get along and actually do.

Having listened to Colin talking to us live on-air, Vanessa sent us a text to say that she was going out to buy running shoes and will start training to run in Race For Life 5k in Irvine this year.

Wow. Good luck to you all. We look forward to hearing how you get on.

Happy New Summertime.


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