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Sunday Ceilidh – Featured Album by Alan Gardiner

By Karyn Mac. 
“The Real Ceilidh” Presenter. Irvine Beat FM.

Featured Album: (Sunday 5th May 2019)
Alan Gardiner and his Scottish Dance Band
“Scottish Dances Vol. 7”

“Scottish Dances Vol. 7” from Alan Gardiner and his Scottish Dance Band is this week’s featured album on the Real Sunday Ceilidh. It was released in 1998.

The band  are:

Lead Accordion        Alan Gardiner

2nd Accordion            Keith Dickson

Piano                         Richard Currie

Bass                           Brian Cruickshank

Drums                                    Gordon Smith

Sleeve notes from the CD:

The success of any young musician depends on talent, dedication and a keen driving force.

Alan came well supplied with the outstanding natural talent and dedication, but it was his parents who provided the driving force, as for seven years their faithful chauffeuring gave young Alan his early accordion opportunities.

Through those early days Alan developed the tremendous talent and style which have carried him, and his band, around the world, to Indonesia, Uganda, Spain, Cyprus and Portugal. The top-tapping arrangements of contemporary and traditional pipe tunes set this band apart.

Alan’s enjoyment in fronting his own band is increased by the calibre and sympathetic style of his band members. Richard, Keith and Gordon also help with the arrangements.

The verve and panache of these young musicians is equalled only by the vitality and excellence of the music they play.

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